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August 31, 2020

We were so blessed to be given Pamala’s name when we needed to sign my husband up for Medicare.  Pamala helped us go thru the tremendous amount of paperwork & explained all the chooses to my husband.  We never would have been able to complete all the forms without her. 

Pamala has also helped a dear friend of ours save several hundreds of dollars by sharing her vast knowledge.  Our friend was at the point of having to choose to eat or pay for her husbands medical care.  Our friend had a person like Pam helping her, but that person didn’t have Pam’s knowledge.

Pamala is always there to help answer questions or help resolve any issues you may have with claims. You will never find a more caring and knowledgeable person to help you.  You will be so thankful you contacted her. She is also very professional and honest and will share all plans, not just the plans she gets paid from.  Don’t hesitate to call her or refer her to your friends and family.


August 27, 2020

Once upon a time, I was employed and had excellent health care benefits!  But now, that I am retired, and looking for the proper and affordable healthcare coverage, I find it daunting.  And that is where Pam Smith comes in.  She can navigate the sometimes-treacherous road of finding the proper coverage for your health needs.  She is detail oriented, meticulous, concise, patient and can be your advocate, when it comes to finding the proper coverage for her clients.  Therefore, I know, I am not alone, when I say, I highly recommend Pam Smith if you are seeking the proper health care coverage for yourself or your family.  


August 27, 2020

Thanks so very much for helping me out with my prescription insurance question today.  It all seems so confusing and frustrating to me, but you patiently go over all the things I need to know until I understand it. Yay!!!  I really respect your knowledge and know that I can rely on you to steer me in the right direction.  Thanks again.  

August 27, 2020

Pamala Smith is a very professional and knowledgeable person who helped my husband and me transition to Medicare Coverage with supplemental and prescription drug plans that meet our needs.  We recommend Pamala highly and we enjoy our working relationship with her.  Pamala is extremely sensitive to our needs and is a great resource for us when we need additional support.

August 27, 2020

When I first met Pamala, our relationship was professional, as I was quite respectful and in awe of her knowledge for my insurance coverage needs.  I thought I had researched the necessities, but I was way off.  She took the time and attention to really listen to what I “thought” I needed and filled me in on what I really needed and how we could make that happen. 


Pamala, for the past many years, has continuously followed my insurance/medical needs along with the “today’s reality.   Pamala is completely and beyond talented with her craft. She has numerous times answered my questions, taken the time and attention to do so diligently and authentically.   I have been an independent contractor and she continuously stir me in an incredibly supportive and widely knowledgeable place.  I truly BLESS my friend and “Adult Insurance Solutions” agent. She has the solutions, as she GETS IT!